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A look at Premier League Finances

There has been a lot of press in recently about the £3.1 billion worth of debts that the 20 Premier League teams have amassed. The Guardian had a great club by club breakdown last week of match day revenues and the wage bills of each Premier League team.

Today we will look at the match day revenues and the huge gap between the big clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal and the smaller clubs like West Brom and Fulham.

It is a huge competitive advantage that these teams have over the rest of the league including Chelsea and Liverpool and it is easy to see why Liverpool need a new stadium if they hope to compete with the other big four teams and why Chelsea need to the deep pockets of Roman Abramovich.

How big a competitive advantage do Arsenal and Man United have? Their combined gate and match-day income is £196.5. The rest of the premier League combined is £196.8! ( note that amount only covers the teams reporting gate and match day income).

Team                       Gate and match-day income
Arsenal                                 £95m
Aston Villa                         18.5
Blackburn                           6.2
Bolton                                 6.8
Chelsea                              N/A
Everton                           20.5
Fulham                           9.6
Hull                                 N/A
Liverpool                    N/A
Man City                      13.6
Man United              101.5
Boro                             11.1
Newcastle               32.3
Portsmouth              12
Stoke                         N/A
Sunderland            13.6
Spurs                       28.6
West Brom                    7
West Ham                   17

Tomorrow we will look at the difference in wags bills across the Premier League.