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2010 World Cup Preview: Switzerland

Sign of the Time

The Team: Switzerland opens the with a game against the favorite to win the tournament, Spain. There are two ways to look at this: (1) as a terrible draw or (2) as a fantastic opportunity. Sure, the Swiss will likely be sheep fed to the opening day slaughter by the Spaniards, but if they can win that game the thrill of that victory could push the squad deep into the tourney.

Switzerland is a decent squad too, and one that Torres, Xavi & Co. won’t overlook.

The Cream: Now, Swiss cheese has several holes in it, but the Swiss National Team has very few on the pitch. Sure, there is one or two (nobody’s perfect), but the team is chock full of talented guys who ply their trade around Europe’s major leagues. As for their “go-to-guys”, the Swiss rely most on Captain and all-time leading scorer Frei. They also get some consistent help in the back from Muller (defensive stalwart) and Benaglio (not-s0-generous goalkeeper).

The Dream: Switzerland has made it to 8 World Cups, but they have never advanced beyond the quarterfinal round (though they made it there in 1934, 1938 and 1954). While their team presents itself as an interesting darkhorse betting opportunity, I would avoid Switzerland at all costs. I’ll put their odds of winning the Cup @ 250:1. After all, this team was eliminated from the last World Cup despite the fact they never gave up a goal the whole tournament.

They lost in the Round of 16 on PKs.

No other team has done that before.

Oh yeah, and they didn’t make any of their PKs in that game.

No other team has done that either.

At leat they’re unique, right?

No? Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be betting on the Swiss either…

Creative Commons License photo credit: Kecko