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2010 World Cup Preview: Spain

proud to bear the same last name

The Team: The team known as the “Red Fury”, Spain’s Men’s National Team, is currently the “favorite” to win the World Cup this summer in South Africa. I think “Red Fury” sounds like a sports drink, but what the heck do I know? I do know that if does win it all, it will be for the first time in the country’s history. That’s right, they’ve been to 12 World Cups and been a perennial soccer power, but they’ve never finished better than 4th at the big dance. 

The Cream: The only problem with being as good as Spain is the fact that you have so many good, in-form players it is difficult to pick 23 of them to suit up in South Africa. Xavi is probably the most underrated player in the world. Torres is a terror when motivated (and the Jules Rimet Trophy is a terrific motivator). Casillas is very good in goal, and David Villa is one of the very best creative forwards in the biz. Oh yeah, and they have fabulous Fabregas too.

The Dream: Spain is the current European champion, and thus the nation is the big favorite to win it all in South Africa this summer. As a gambler, I make it a habit never to bet on the favorite, so I won’t be putting down any of my hard earned pesetas on Spain in 2010. Sure, they have the talent, and they proved they can handle pressure when they won the last Euro. Yet, for some reason, I do not think they will win it all. I am putting their odds @ 6:1.

Yes, that’s still some respect right there.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Angie Torres