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2010 World Cup Preview: Honduras

VictoryThe Team: Los Catrachos, we meet again. Ah, yes, Honduras, the natural CONCACAF enemy of the Yank and the US Nats, and one of the 32 teams to qualify for the Big Dance in South Africa in 2010. I should have known it was you all along. After all, you are sneaky good. By that, I mean your team looks terrible on paper. Seriously, you look like you couldn’t beat the first incarnation of Piston Honda (cheers to those of you who get that). I mean, who do you have?

The Cream: Amado Guevara? Seriously? He’s your best player? Are you sure? And he’s your squad’s captain! No? Wait, you’re serious HON? Seriously, stop, I’m laughing so hard I might pee myself. Guevara isn’t what I would call the greatest leader, but maybe it’s just because he has been a petulant prick for every MLS side he has ever played for. Who else you got? Pavon? Seriously? You’re joking. He’s your all-time leading scorer? Really? Ah, that’s priceless!

The Dream: Ah, now that I have completely alienated the one person from Honduras who stumbles upon this site (hello Carlos!), I might as well move on to the part of the post where I tell you how badly I think Honduras sucks. Oh, wait, that was the whole post. Hmm, well then, I’ll just give you their odds, which are 1,000,000:1. This will only be their third Cup ever, and their team has some unforgivable flaws. They can’t beat the world’s best soccer teams.

Actually, they couldn’t even beat Glass Joe (if you got the earlier one, you’ve secured this one too).

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jonathan Assink