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2010 World Cup Semifinals Preview

Dutch treat200 of the 204 teams who wanted to win the 2010 have now fallen by the wayside. Only four squads still have the unfettered hope to hoist the Jules Rimet, and the question on everyone’s mind now is which one will rise above the others to claim its spot in soccer history. Many of the teams that traditionally win the title are now gone, and it looks like we will have a surprising winner no matter who takes the trophy (well, other than the Red Fury).

Personally, I am excited by these games immensely, but I am also a wee bit miffed that I will miss them due to their scheduling. C’est la vie though. Maybe I can sneak out to the Pita Loco to watch the games on their TV (which I swear is only 4 inches big and placed 12 feet above the floor in a spot no one can see it). I will put up with such shabby conditions to watch these games though because I have no other choice but to miss them. And I will not miss them.

The Netherlands vs. Uruguay: The underdogs from URU have had perhaps the best defense at this tournament, but the Netherlands seems to be the team of destiny. So, who do I think will win? This is a tougher one to call than most would tell you, and I think it may go all the way to PKs before we have a winner. But, ultimately, I believe the Dutch will make it back to the Final. URU lacks the killer instinct I think, while NED has style and charisma to spare. 

Germany vs. Spain: I believe will win this match, 2-1. I know what you are thinking: “how can he bet against the Germans who just beat and by a combined score of 8-1?” Well, I think those two wins took a lot out of Germany, while Spain has just been creeping past its opponents in matches that involved very little emotion. It is hard to pick against the Germans right now, but I simply think the Red Fury will finally be the team that beats GER.

Creative Commons License photo credit: bobster855