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Wenger Tries To Defend Not Signing A Striker In January

wenger-head-in-handsAfter spurning chance after chance against Southampton on Tuesday night Arsene Wenger was forced to defend his decision not to sign a striker during the January transfer window.

Tuesday’s goalless draw means that Arsenal have now dropped nine points from their last four games, dropping them to fourth in the table and five points behind leaders Leicester.

Having added only midfielder Mohamed Elneny to his ranks in the January transfer window, Wenger was again forced to defend his decision not to bring in any firepower despite Arsenal having gone 270 minutes and 34 shots at goal in the Premier League without scoring

‘If you knew a world-class striker who could have strengthened our team, you should have told me before the transfer deadline was over,’ he replied when asked if he should have signed a forward.

‘They do not walk in the street and say “please, here is a world-class striker, can you take me?” They are all at big clubs and are under contract.

‘There were none available. If tonight we think a miracle man could have scored the goal for us, I think it’s better we think how can we score the goals with the players we have. We can score goals, we have shown that before.’

This is Arsenal’s best chance in a decade to win the Premier League and why they did not spend the cash on another top striker is beyond me. Why wait until the summer to potentially sign Javier Hernández or Mauro Icardi when they could have been available in January? Yes Arsenal might have had to overpay them to sign them now instead of in six months, but nobody would have cared if the goals led the Gunners to their first title since 2004.

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  • Stephen mwania February 3, 2016, 11:39 am

    Arsenal will never win the Uefa or premier league with Wenger. My assessment is that Wenger should leave Arsenal at the end of the season whether he wins any trophy or not.He needs to look for something else to do.How could he entrust Giru to lead arsenal to greatness while he can’t feature for Barcelona C team? Wenger is suffering from lack of ambition and is a disaster when it comes to acquiring good players.He would excell at the bottom clubs who are averse to spending.

  • HomeJames February 3, 2016, 9:50 am

    Go fuck yourself, Arsene!!

    All you hear from this clown is that “we have the quality to score goals”. Do we, do we REALLY? Giroud is a highly rated striker apparently. Although, from what I have seen, the praise should be with the assist that requires a ball in to Giroud with complete precision. As for Walcott, whos D is he servicing to have made it this long?!?! Chamberlain should have been loaned out in order for him to find his form. Mertesacker, Arteta, Flamini, Walcott, Wilshire, should all be cleared out. The last I heard, We’re offering Wilshire a 20k a week increase in his wages so that he doesn’t leave. When did he last play?! This club makes no sense to me anymore. And if things aren’t shaken up we’re gonna lose the few sparks of ACTUAL quality that we do have at the club. If Arsene had any class left he would of stepped aside now, provided that we can secure Guardiola to take the helm. Too late now. And it looks like we’ll be stuck with this arrogant prick for an additional 2 years. How much more damage can he inflict in a slowly sinking ship?

  • HABIB A ABDULLAHI February 3, 2016, 9:22 am

    It is really sad that we the supporters of the most loved club in the over ,we are going through this heart ache because of wenger’s heartless ways of thinking,all i want to say hear is that,despite the fact the,he is a good coach,he should stop protecting his country man and do the needful,buy a striker and make us happy,winning this EPL TITLE this season may not be possible again or let me put it this way,until wenger leaves.

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