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Wenger Defends Arsenal Transfer Policy

Arsene Wenger defended his transfer policy on Wednesday night — despite Arsenal’s failure to buy a senior outfield player during the summer window.

Goalkeeper Petr Cech was his only capture in the window, signing in an £11million deal from Chelsea.

In fact Wenger’s Arsenal were the only club in Europe’s top five leagues (Premier, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1) not to buy an outfield player.

Even Spanish champions Barcelona, who are currently under a transfer ban, managed to sign two big-name players.

The Gunners’ lack of activity in the transfer window has prompted the Arsenal Supporters Trust to call for an enquiry into the club’s transfer policy.

But a defiant Wenger, who was in Nyon, Switzerland on Wednesday to take part in the UEFA 2015 Elite Club Coaches Forum where he came into contact with old adversary Sir Alex Ferguson, said:

‘Am I happy with the investment I make? Yes, every time.

‘I bought (Alexis) Sanchez, I bought (Mesut) Ozil, I bought Cech, I bought Gabriel last year.

‘The problem at the moment is finding the players who guarantee you are a better team after, and that example last night shows you very well.’

Wenger was referring to the £36m Manchester United spent to sign France youngster Anthony Martial on deadline day.

What has to make Arsenal fans furious is the news that Danny Welbeck needs knee surgery and will be out until Christmas. This injury leaves the Gunners with only four forwards (Giroud, Sanchez, Campbell, Walcott) for the first half of the season. Any long-term injury and the Gunners will be reached stretched to field a strike force,

That is why it amazes me the Arsene Wenger did not buy a striker this summer.

What do you think of Arsene Wenger’s comments?

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  • allan September 3, 2015, 11:39 pm

    am seriously disapointed by wenger.he doesnt care about funs so many funs r hurt..we need anew manager and board coz they av failed us.

  • Solly o September 3, 2015, 6:32 pm

    This man is fool, arrogant, naive, deluded and outdated. What’s wrong with him, has he forgotten he’s an employee not employer? A manager for that matter behaving as if the of arsenal football club belongs to him, acting like god. I am very upset right now with this Wenger, i swear he should go, out Wenger out, you’re bringing us backwards, go back home and contest for treasurer or go to the bank and be a bank manager that one will fit you more, we don’t want people like you in football line, Wenger you’re a disgrace to yourself. Of course, why wouldn’t you happy with your transfers so far, all the transfered you have been making for the past years, what did you brink from there two fa cup, that makes god. Even with the money you’ve spent since 2006 till date, you supposed to have won the league at least once or twice, instead of buying good players, no you didn’t, but wasting money by buying sluggered players, players that you yourself couldn’t even use during matches, why because they’re not good enough, and you kept paying them huge amount of money weekly. Mr man, you’re not a good football manager, admits that and walk away, just in case those fools who employed you have no nerves to questioning you or sack you, out because, all over the world your legacy has tanished, you built a palace with your wisdom, and you’re destroying them with your egoism. You can not win league with your troops Wenger. Every year you’ve been qualified for champions league, for seventeen year, you only reached final once, after that what has been happening? You’re outdated, you lack ambition, likewise your so called squad. If manager lack ambition, so he squad. Therefore, we don’t want you anymore, we want amanager who has ambition, who is not a slave of money, who will makes us proud and who will respect the fans, because you don’t Wenger, so you don’t deserve our respect either.

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