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Transfer Rumors: Liverpool To Sell Daniel Sturridge

Several of the Sunday newspapers are running with the story that Jurgen Klopp has seen enough, or maybe that should be has has not seen enough, of striker Daniel Sturridge and that he is looking to see the England striker in the January transfer window for around £25m.

Sturridge has played just 106 minutes of football since Klopp took over from Brendan Rodgers and the Liverpool boss has reportedly become increasingly frustrated with the striker’s injury record.

Sturridge has been plagued by injuries for more than 18 months and missed most of last season due to calf and thigh problems.

His season was then ended by hip surgery which also delayed his return to this campaign.

The striker has not played since picking up a hamstring injury against Newcastle at the start of December, but he seemed to be on the way back when he put out on social media he was “Good to go” after the Reds’ win over Leicester on Boxing Day.

Klopp immediately called for caution and reaffirmed his desire for Sturridge to complete a mini pre-season to ensure no further set-backs after a series of lengthy lay-offs.

What do you think of Liverpool being willing to listen to offers for Sturridge? It sounds like a manager who wants to raise some cash to buy a striker that he can rely on every to play and score. That is neither Sturridge or Benteke.

Sturridge had that one brilliant season with Suarez when Liverpool finished second in the league but he has failed to stay healthy the rest of the time he has been at Liverpool.

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  • chris penfold January 10, 2016, 4:49 am

    I think by now the penny has dropped for every one, or at least should have ! Daniel although he has tremendous natural ability & is as lethal a striker in any league in world football today, it is time to call an end to his time at Liverpool. What ever your point of view; & there are many, from unlucky with injury’s. supposedly some genetic family problems that finished promising career’s as professional footballers for other family members; Some even going as far to say that Sturridge is more than happy to pick up his salary from the comfort of physio’s couch & that as the current manager Klopp seems to have rumbled him saying & i quote ” Maybe Daniel needs to learn the difference between pain & real pain” in other words man up & not head straight for sanctuary of the physio’s bench & endless months of treatment to endlessly reoccuring injuries; then never lasting more than a few mins for a handfull of game before repeating the whole process over & over again & again. Liverpools will struggle to get rid of delicate Dan In this or any other transfer window if as rumoured they are looking to double their money on the misfit striker being willing to listen to offers of £25 million. Not many clubs i venture would be willing to lay out that sum off money on a gaurenteed missing in action team mate. the only club that i can recall in recent times willing to do that would be………… Whisper it Liverpool. Carol, Balotelli, etc etc. I think if you could get close to re-couping the money they paid for him it would be better to put it towards a hardier variety off striker who plays & will eventually do the one thing Sturridge is incappable of doing, Playing & scoring on a regular basis.

  • Vincent January 10, 2016, 12:41 am

    If can should sell both of them ( Sturridge & Benteke ).

  • Merv January 9, 2016, 10:25 pm

    Very good decision if true. Sturidge has been a passenger for a very long period and needs to move on or retire. I reckon he will never be match fit for the long term. Too fragile. We need a top striker that will win us matches.

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