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Suarez To Real Madrid A “Done Deal”

Suarezbite2According to Marca, the Real Madrid mouthpiece, Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has agreed to a four-year deal to join the Spanish side. Real Madrid and Liverpool have not agreed to a transfer, but with Suarez having a £40m, just under €47m, buy-out clause in his current contract, all Real have to do is activate that and there is nothing Liverpool can do about it.

The news that Suarez had agreed to personal terms with Real Madrid “some weeks ago” puts his comments this week in a new light.

At a press conference Thursday in Uruguay, Suarez repeated what he had said in an earlier radio interview saying:

“I said that it would be difficult to turn down Madrid because I believe that it’s impossible to say no to any of the big clubs – the sides where you dream of playing. But right now, nothing has happened. I haven’t spoken to Real Madrid or Liverpool.”

“My agent hasn’t said anything to me either and that is comforting to me. There has been a lot of speculation,” he continued.

The loss of Suarez will be a bitter blow to Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool, who stood by the striker during the Evra racial abuse case as well as the recent biting incident.

But at the end of day, Liverpool will get £40m for a player they paid £22.8m for a couple of seasons ago,. That is a pretty good profit on the striker.

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  • Richard June 1, 2013, 2:00 pm

    To be honest the impression I get is that most of the speculation is being driven by Suarez; if he wants to go let him go. Let him go for as much as possible, hopefully more than Torres, and spend the money on players who want to be at the club. Players who are hungry for success, not bits of other players.

    I think Suarez is fantastic, I love watching what he does for the club, but LFC are bigger than one player, especially one who goes abroad and starts whining about how difficult life is.

    Get a grip and stay Luis, or keep whining and go. You will be replaced if it comes to that.

    • David June 2, 2013, 1:02 pm

      Totally agree Richard. Liverpool stood by Suarez through his various on the pitch issues. I can understand why he wants to play for Real Madrid and make probably twice what he makes at Liverpool, and live in a city that speaks Spanish. Why not just come out and say that, instead of blaming everyone else for how tough you have it on £100,000 a week

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