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Racing Santander Relegated

Racing Santander became the first team in the Spanish Primera Division to be relegated after a 3-0 defeat to Real Sociedad on Saturday. Racing went into the game knowing that a win no matter how how vital, would not keep them from escaping the relegation axe.

After 34 matches, Racing were at the bottom of the league standings having only garnered 26 points. However, their relegation comes as no surprise as they have struggled throughout the season going through 3 coaches whilst also having their ownership come under sharp scrutiny after accusations of improper dealings involving their president Ahsan Ali Syed.

La Liga

Malaga's Champions League Dream Getting Closer

Malaga’s Champions League gets even bigger as they managed to sneak into third place, surpassing Valencia after Manuel Pellegrini’s boys convincingly defeated 10 men Racing Santander 3-0.

Despite missing a penalty in the early minutes, goals from Isco, Santi Cazorla and Ruud Van Nistelrooy were more than enough to lift them up a place, giving more hope on their European dream by the end of season.