El Clasico

El Clásico refers to any match between fierce rivals Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Other than the Champions League Final, it is considered one of the biggest club football games in the world, and is among the most viewed annual sporting events.

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Which El Clásico Is The Most Important?

El Clasico In USA 2020

Saturday brings the start four El Clásico matchups in 18 days. The matches will decide not only the Spanish league, but the Copa del Rey and the Champions League as well.

The big question is whether all four of the El Clásico are equally important or whether some are more important than others? The answer to that question depends on who you ask.

Barcelona at Real Madrid, La Liga, Saturday:

No less an authority than Johan Cruyff argues that the first matchup is the most critical.

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Final Thoughts From El Clasico Coaches

As I stated before in my previous blog, I believe that tomorrow’s El Clasico match will likely directly affect whichever team wins La Liga this season considering the winner of the league will likely be victorious by less then 3 total points this season. But funny enough neither coach would agree with that statement and both in fact believe that due to the grueling ten month long season that tomorrow is not a decisive day for either club.

Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho explained why he thinks tomorrow’s match is no different then any other and how he hopes that winning or losing the team will leave the match with a level head:

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El Clasico Preview

El Clasico In USA 2020

Real Madrid will head to the Nou Camp tomorrow November 29th and the El Clasico fixture will likely decide the winner of this season’s La Liga title. The league’s most anticipated match was moved to this Monday night due to local elections being held this Sunday in Barcelona.

But before the match begins lets take a look at a few of the critical components to el clasico:

The Coaches

Real Madrid

Barcelona, La Liga, Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho not concerned about ‘El Clasico’ showdown being played on Monday evening

With some people complaining about El Clasico show down having to be played on Monday evening,  Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho feels that the scheduling of the upcoming game is of little concern to him and doesn’t really care  when they play La Liga champions, Barcelona.

Although some of the players from each club having expressed their concerns for having to play this game right after the weekend, some people are starting to feel that ‘El Classico’ showdown will lose some of its ‘Importance’ by the match having to be played on a Monday evening.

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Barca Holds Off Real Madrid in El Clasico #1

El Clasico In USA 2020

Barca showed Real Madrid who’s boss in El Classico 1.0 and now we see some of what Leo Messi has and Cristiano Ronaldo has not.  It’s plainly clear that we have leadership issues to discuss in regards to play in the Spanish Premier Division and those leadership start at the top of the most elite clubs.

Leo Messi may not be 100% but his team plays like it’s 100%, in my opinion, because of his leadership in the clubhouse.  This is a guy who takes very seriously his role as the superior player on a superior team and has no problem stepping up and getting it together.

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El Clasico Key To Title

El Clasico In USA 2020

Spain’s ‘El Clasico’ between Real Madrid and Barcelona is already one of the biggest club matches in world football but has added significance this time with champions Real only four points behind leaders Barca.

Real host the Catalans at the Bernabeu on Saturday knowing victory will put them within one point of their arch rivals with four matches left, while Barca can take a huge step towards a first league triumph in three years.

“Winning the Clasico is the key,” former Real midfielder Zinedine Zidane said on Real’s website. “Beating Barcelona would send a signal and create a great chance to be league champions,” he added. “If Real Madrid win everything will be different and the league can have a new frontrunner.”