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Strike Averted

Good news Serie A fans! There will be football this upcoming weekend!

Earlier today, the chances of Serie A continuing play this weekend were very grim. But apparently a new labor deal has been reached by the player’s union and the league will continue on this weekend as planned. Just days ago an emergency meeting was called by both the Italian Olympic Committee and also Serie A officials, who hoped to work out a last minute deal with the player’s union before the strike took place, and a new deal has been reached by the two parities.

And within the last few weeks several reports have leaked claiming that the two sides were extremely far apart in their demands and that a strike was inevitable. Just a week ago a player’s union representative stormed out in the middle of a “final” meeting claiming that the two sides could not agree on anything. But with the actual threat of a strike looming, the two sides have finally agreed to a deal and that means we will not be deprived of football this weekend.  

No official word yet on what agreements were met, but the biggest issue that the two sides had was player’s having no control when transferred away in the final year of their deal. Serie A players wanted to be able to control whether or not they trained away from their club, so apparently the two sides agreed to some type of deal regarding this issue among many others.

The news is obviously great for tons of reasons. First off, it’s great for the league this season considering how exciting of a race it has been with Inter out of the top 4 most of the season and Milan’s resurgence among a group of surprising squads including Lazio and Napoli. But the news is also great for the fans and of course us bloggers as well. Because now we will have actual football action to talk about each and every day and not about stuff that goes on in board room conversations.

And this notion is great to sports fans everywhere, but especially to us bloggers eager to see how the 2010 Serie A season will unfold in the second half.