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Mexico's World Cup Preview: The Debate

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Kyle May

The Glass is Half Empty

Mexico is renowned for playing in the and losing it in the second round.  The team is considered the Susan Lucci of the bunch because they are good enough to be considered for the honor, but not talented enough to win!  They have made it past the first round of the tournament each time since 1990, but every year they lose in the first knockout round of the tournament.  The only two times in their existence that they did not lose in this round was when they were the host of the event.  Well guess what fans.  You are on the road this season and you came in second place in the WCQ to a bunch of Yanks.  That doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in beating the biggest squads in the world.  

The Glass is Half Full

Sure Mexico had a mediocre WCQ at best this season, but the club did have one of the strongest finishes of any team in the world this year.  After a dismal start to their WCQ, the club brought back Javier Aguirre to steer the campaign and the coach did exactly that turning around Mexico’s dismal performances into inspiring ones.  By the end of the qualifier, Aguirre had his club earning 13 points in their final 6 matches and the team was the strongest of any in the CONCAF division at the end of the run.  The Mexico club also possess a solid defense with a fairly talented keeper.  Midfielder Blanco will need to be the old, wise Zidane of the group that pushes each player into performing at their highest level.  Wait on second thought maybe Zidane isn’t the best example of how to act in the World Cup.  You know what I mean though.