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Mexico’s Future Starring in Europe

The Mexican national team began a massive player overhaul after the 2006 World Cup. Blanco, Borgetti, Bravo, and Marquez performed at a high level for years; it is now time for players such as Vela, Dos Santos, Castillo, and Mureno to compete on the international stage. FEMEXFUT’s decision to move forward with this new generation excited many supporters but also left them with a strong case of anxiety. The recent battle against the United States proved that these players can compete at the highest level. Remember, many of these senior international neophytes dominated the 2005 FIFA U-17 World Championship.

Let’s take a closer look at three players who played their 2007-2008 club seasons in Europe. Their continued development in the continental leagues will prove pivotal to their international careers.

Carlos Vela – Winger – Osasuna on loan from Arsenal

Perhaps as soon as next season, Vela could earn first team minutes in the Premiership with the Gunners. The 19 year-old scored his first goal against Real Betis this past October. Will he be scoring next October in the Premiership? All information points to yes.

Giovani Dos Santos – Forward – Barcelona

The 18 year-old forward’s career with the Catalan club will end the spring. Rumors peg him with a move to Manchester City. Playing alongside Mexican teammate Nery Castillo benefits both players as well as Mexico’s national team due to the eventual chemistry that will develop.

Nery Castillo – Midfielder/Forward – Manchester City

Unfortunately, injuries derailed Nery’s season at City. The 23 year-old Castillo hopes to make his loan move permanent when it expires in December 2008. Castillo saw time in Manchester City’s final match of the season. It was a forgettable 8-1 thrashing by Middlesbrough.