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2009 La Liga Season Review: Preview

Another outstanding La Liga season has come to a close and all the speculation for the 2009/2010 season has begun with the exciting time of the off-season. So let’s take a look back at all the First Division La Liga clubs this year from worst to first. Over the next month we will review every La Liga squad, look back at the club’s top performers this season, their season’s highest highs and lowest lows, and hopefully give you some insight into what your team might be doing to get ready for next year.

The season may be over, but it seems as if La Liga is making a lot of noise this off-season with key transfer additions. We will let you know who is heading where and for what price. We will also give you a little insight into the new clubs that will be joining La Liga next season via promotion. We will cover every team involved: relegated, promoted, middle-of-the-pack, to the league champion. Every club will be under review with the statistics of all their best players.

So make sure to tune in and see what your team excelled in this season and in what areas they need to improve on. Although the season has come to a close, the fun is just beginning with the big clubs swapping players left and right like their baseball cards. So sit back relax and enjoy the off-season, because the choices made now just might be make or break it for your team next season.