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La Liga Preview: Top Twenty From Worst to First

Usually before the season begins I do a league review counting down each squad from worst to first before the first week of matches.  Well it’s a little bit after the beginning of the season, but none the less I figured with the weekend off for league competition it would give us a chance to catch up this upcoming week and review squads and throw out some bold predictions.

Now that I’ve gotten that explanation out of the way you probably are asking yourself why there is a picture of a dog invitational logo on this blog.  Well there is two simple reasons why I decided to use that picture.  First off, there are twenty clubs that play in La Liga.  Some are big clubs with a history of winning and other clubs are scrappy, small clubs with nothing to lose because this is the best its ever been. 

I chose the dog because in sports there are often dog metaphors.  Every dog has his day is a classic one and I think it defines La Liga soccer.  Last year Barca was the lucky dog that would make a run past every club and accomplish the league title, the Coppa del Rey, and the Champions League title.  For years before the title of top dog belonged to Real Madrid.

But it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and every year you never know who is gonna be the best until the games are played and the scores are written down in the books.   Are you growing tired of these doggonit dog puns.  I hope so because I am too.  But stick around and see the predictions for the upcoming year.