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2010 World Cup Preview: Brazil

brazil world cup 1982 - 01
Creative Commons License photo credit: oyosan

The Team: One of soccer’s most famous sayings is “The English invented soccer, the Brazilians perfected it.” I think that saying is spot on with its analysis, and I also think you could say the same about modeling. I wonder if any Brazilian Nats are disappointed that the Pele of the catwalk, Gisele, ended up with that strange “foreign” type of footballer. I wonder if Bill Belichick even knows who Gisele is. I bet he knows Brazil’s Nats because he likes winners.  

I bet he even has some “game film” of them, if you know what I mean.  

The Cream: If you only know soccer, you probably don’t know what I mean. But, you do know that Brazil’s B team would fare better at the Cup than most nation’s A-Team (including each squad’s B.A. Barrackus). They have one of the deepest teams, but that doesn’t mean that no one sets themself apart with their stellar play. I think Brazil’s most potent players are the Messiah’s best mate Kaka (MF), steely captain Lucio (DF), and rejuvenated ringer Robinho (FW).

I could coach this team.

The Dream: That would be a dream, for sure. I would probably lose though because I could not instill any discipline in the side. If there is one thing lacks, it’s the focus of some other top teams (Italy, for example). They almost lost the Confederations Cup to the US due to their loose play, and they had to rely on their top shelf talent to come back and hoist that hardware. In South Africa, some teams won’t be overcome so easily. Like, hopefully, the Yanks.

Brazil is brilliant though. I don’t know yet if they are my “favorite” yet, but…

I’ll put the odds at 6:1 that they will win their 6th .