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El Clasico Preview

El Clasico In USA 2020

Real Madrid will head to the Nou Camp tomorrow November 29th and the El Clasico fixture will likely decide the winner of this season’s La Liga title. The league’s most anticipated match was moved to this Monday night due to local elections being held this Sunday in Barcelona.

But before the match begins lets take a look at a few of the critical components to el clasico:

The Coaches

Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho has accomplished more in recent memory then just about any other manager of any other sport. Last year’s historic  treble with Inter was just the icing on the cake to an excellent young coaching career. Champions League titles with two different teams (FC Porto and Inter) and one of the most successful stretches of football by Chelsea in the EPL, nobody is better then the Special One.


Pep Guardiola is considered the next young prodigy coach and before the age of 40 the young former footballer had already accomplished a historic treble with Barca and is rumored to be the preferred successor of Man U by Sir Alex himself. Guardiola will likely remain loyal to Barca though, and considering his massive success at such a young age it is likely a good idea.

The Stars

Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo leads the league in goals and hopes to eclipse 20 this game. Gonzalo Higuain is expected to return to the lineup tomorrow night and Karim Benzema is often considered the man on the hot seat of the side’s offense. Spain national team star Iker Casillas will look to continue the trend of the world’s best keeper. Mourinho’s defense has been among the best in the world this season.


Cristiano Ronaldo may lead the league in goals, but Lionel Messi is in fact the best goal scorer in La Liga and actually has one more goal if you include Champions League play . And the Argentine forward is in good company up top with David Villa and the side has probably the best midfield in the world featuring Xavi and  Iniesta. Carlos Puyol anchors the defense along with the shifty Dani Alves.

Words of Wisdom

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique believes home field advantage will prevail:

A ‘Clasico’ is so even that playing at home always makes the home side more of a favourite – and that’s us this time. Nobody can predict what will happen in these type of games. But we are in good shape.

Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo was happy to point out his side’s lack of a defeat this season:

We haven’t lost this season, and this is important because it gives you confidence, but neither can we be relaxed because we know it will be difficult. I’m confident because the team are in good form, the coach has given us confidence and we hope to get a good result.

Final Thoughts

Barcelona’s home field advantage will give them the obvious edge by most predictors, but I expect Messi to be bottled up by Real Madrid’s impressive defense so far this season in a surprising, low scoring match.