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2009/2010 La Liga Preview

Most Valuable Player

Lionel Messi is flat out the best player in all of the world in one critic’s opinion.  Last season was a nonstop highlight reel for the forward, winger, and midfielder.  Messi not only was a valuable member of the treble winning Barca squad, but the Argentine forward also was the leading goal scorer for the Champions League as well.

 What makes Messi the best is his complete game.  He can score a variety of ways (including a header to seal the Champions League final), has excellent vision and passing skills, and the unique ability to play successfully anywhere you want him on the pitch.  There are a lot of new additions to the league this season, but Messi still deserves the projected honor for MVP. 

Golden Boot Winner

Why not Zlatan Ibrahimovic?  Ibs was the leader in Serie A last season and on average scores about 20 goals a season in his career.  Now with a stronger midfield to support him along with excellent forwards, Ibs seems like the man to beat in the goal column in 09.  The only question will be how long will it take the great Swedish forward to adapt to Barca’s style?  One thing that will not change for the star is the size of La Liga nets.  Expect Ibs to surpass 30 goals this upcoming year.

Best Off-Season

Can a club acquire the projected Golden Boot winner and not win the award?  Yes.  Let’s face it.  Real Madrid may not be the best squad in La Liga this season, but with the moves they have made count them as the Best Off-Season Ever.  Only time will tell whether or not the millions upon millions was worth it, but you have to give the front office credit for bringing in some top level talent.