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2009/2010 La Liga Preview

Best New Player

This award is arguably the most coveted this year with all the talent overflowing into La LigaReal Madrid has three potential contenders for the award and Ibrahimovic has to be considered as well.  Ibs, Benzema, and Ronaldo will all likely have great years, but we will give the award to Christiano Ronaldo simply because the guy doesn’t have a flaw in his game.  He is a brilliant goal scorer from anywhere on the pitch plus an excellent passer and can cross the ball in for plenty of chances.  This year will likely be the hardest ever to take home LLTO Best New La Liga Player, but Christiano Ronaldo seems like the perfect candidate to take home the trophy.  That is unless he continues to hang out with Paris Hilton…

Best Team Player

Since Real Madrid has not had any league time to play together as a team, I think you have to go with a critical player from Barcelona for this award.  Why not midfielder Andres Iniesta?  Iniesta has proven to be invaluable to the squad with his ability to play multiple positions and setup methods of attack from the wing or the middle of the pitch.  After the Champions League final against Man U, Rooney claimed the twenty-five year old to be the best player in the world.  We at LLTO think he is pretty close, but not quite there yet.  But the key midfielder is the projected Best Team Player for this season and plays along side Lionel Messi (the best).