FIFA Worried As Half a Million World Cup Tickets Remain Unsold

by David

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When the 2010 World Cup was awarded to South Africa, a lot of people wondered about safety and security and whether safety concerns would keep fans away from the event. The answer apparently is yes it will.

The World Cup organizers said last week that half a million tickets remain unsold and there is genuine fear within FIFA that games will be played in front of half empty stadiums.

FIFA has now decided to offer tickets for sale over the counter to the general public in a hope of selling the more than half a million tickets that are unsold. Tickets can now be bought in person at 11 World Cup ticketing centers and at supermarkets and banks

“I think that today there is one challenge that we definitely have to work on,” FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke told The Associated Press. “It’s to make sure all the stadiums are full and that we are selling all these tickets.”

One issue that organizers have ran into is that the average soccer fan in South Africa is poor and does not own a credit card. So they were unable to purchase tickets which so far had been only available online. You would think that someone in the organizing committee would have figured thus out before now.

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Jack April 14, 2010 at 4:37 am

Safety is a big concern when even the local citizens can’t even be protected – see last post here:


David Wilson April 14, 2010 at 9:00 am

I have been really surprised Jack at how little has been written in the mainstream media about the violence in SA


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