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Zlatan Ibrahimovic does not plan on leave Barcelona

Various reports were suggesting that Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic was going to depart from Barcelona after a disappointing display.  Rumors were rising that he was possibly going to sign with Chelsea or billionaire club Manchester City but Ibra has went on to state that he has no plans in leaving Barcelona and is ready to make a difference in the upcoming season

Although Barcelona have already added another striker in David Villa, Ibrahimovic still has another 4 years in his contract and doesn’t plan on leaving the club.

“I was a Barca player when I left to go on holiday and I’ll be a Barca player when I go back. I have four years left on my contract.”said Ibrahimovicm at a press conference.

Ibra also went on to continue to say the following  to the press who were spreading rumors about his departure.

“I want to congratulate everybody that has used my name, because it’s fun to have been at Chelsea, at Manchester City, without having been there.”

With David Villa set to take a starting role in the Barcelona line-up, Ibra will definitely not being see the field as much as he would like to. Although he does have high hopes to mold into the Barca playing style, some star players just can’t adapt to certain styles. Ibra is by far a great striker, he did a tremendous job while at Inter Milan but he is just having disappointing  performances when he is playing with Barcelona.

Should he have left elsewhere? I think he should have.

Making a move to Manchester City or Chelsea would allow Ibra to start fresh again. Sure he might be able to adapt to the beautiful style of Soccer at Barcelona, but even if he does, Villa will be now be their starting striker.

Think Ibrahimovic should leave to another club or do you see him turning things around in the up-coming season with Barcelona? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.