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Zidane Considers Coaching France

Former French international and one of the games greats Zinedine Zidane is considering the option of returning to the French national team as a coach. Zidane who retired from the side after he infamously head butted Marco Materazzi during the  2006 world cup finals,  made the statement when questioned by Le Parisien.

“Whether I’d like to be coach of Les Bleus? Why not! That wouldn’t be a bad thing. Everything’s possible in life,”

Zidane is currently Real Madrid’s sporting director, having been appointed to that position at the beginning of the year after a 2 year stint as an advisor to club president Florentino Perez.

Meanwhile, Barcelona defender and captain Carles Puyol has for the first time revealed that he seriously considered retiring due to a nagging knee injury. Puyol is only making it back to full training after successfully undergoing an operation in June.

“These were eight months of suffering,” he told Antena3. “I had a hard time because I could not see a solution: I experienced loss of strength in my leg and I could not play.

“I even thought about quitting football.”

If there is one thing i like about Puyol its his loyalty to Barcelona. It is almost impossible to see him wear the shirt of another club and as such it is this loyalty that has endeared him to the fans.

Although Barcelona seem to be coping with him quite well, his mental strength and leadership is something the club dearly misses. During his interview, Puyol was also questioned on the differences between Spanish players playing for both Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Of course, not wanting to sound offensive, Puyol was kind with remarks.

“Madrid have few flaws, but their virtue is that they never give up.”

It is no secret that a majority of the Spanish players are drawn from these two teams and their relations both on and off field have raised questions on whether their strength could turn out to be a key factor in their downfall.

It remains to be seen how the team will get over this hurdle and hold onto the top position as the best national side in the world.

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