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Zack Schilawski Who?

HDR1 - Qwest Field, Seattle Sounders (fisheye)

He’s a rookie–he plays for the Revolution up in New England.  He has the world in his hands.  Oh, and he just put up his first–probably of many–career hat-trick.

“I’m confident,” Schilawski said. “I know I can score goals. The difference is proving it to everyone else and having everyone else have confidence that you can do it against a MLS team, not a USL team or in an exhibition game.”

This kid really knows how to get in a groove doesn’t he?  He never took himself seriously and he just went out and played.  I think the things that stand out most are the fact that he scored in short order and he didn’t think he was worthy until he actually scored the goals himself.  Very good stuff.  We like players with humility.

Now what for the Revolution and their newest start with a hat-trick barely into his rookie season?  Keep going!

Last year the Revolution just plodded their way through the end of the season and allowed RSL into the playoffs which essentially allowed RSL to win the MLS Cup.  If the Revolution had worked a little harder we might have had a completely picture in the postseason altogether.

He’s the only player in MLS history to score 3 goals in his home debut and I don’t really think they can afford to rest on their laurels and wait for another gift to fall from the sky.

There is alot of Soccer to be played, but there is little room for error.  With Columbus and RSL pushing hard the Revolution will get pushed out really quickly if they don’t watch it.  8 playoff spots get swallowed up really quickly in this format and even one dry spell could equal certain playoff doom.

Just take this Schilwaski kid and ride him all the way to glory–it’s your only hope.

Good luck Revolution.

Creative Commons License photo credit: ArtBrom