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Yaya Toure hopes to return to Barcelona in the future

Yaya Toure had stated his desire in wanting to leave La Liga giants Barcelona as he felt that he was not being treated with respect and not giving any playing time. However, after being released from the club and making his way to English Premier League -Manchester City – in which he will be playing alongside his brother Kolo, Yaya is sad to have left his old club.

In a recent statement made by the Ivory Coast midfielder, Yaya Toure went on to say that he hopes to return one day to Barcelona and is sad to have left the club.

Yaya went on to say the following to RAC-1 :

“I don’t feel that I’m away from Barca and I’m sure I’ll go back one day. The decision to leave was complicated because Barca is the team of my whole life. It was a sad decision because everybody wants to come to Barca and I have had to leave, but not playing has been difficult and it wouldn’t have been normal to just sit on the bench and pick up the money.”

Although Yaya Toure definitely made the right choice in leaving Barcelona, I don’t see the club wanting to pick him up in the near future. It has nothing to do with a grudge or personal conflict, but I think Barcelona will rather want to try and bring someone in new instead of a player like Yaya who is desperate in wanting to be on the field. Yaya was hoping to get more playing time and that was not going to be a definite if he had stayed with Barca, now that he is with Manchester City, he needs to focus on this club and not worry about making a future return to La Liga.

What do you think about Yaya’s statement? Think Barcelona would want him back in the future or is their a chance in Barca wanting him back? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.