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Yaya Toure, "Premier League is Amazing"

Manchester CityNewly acquired Manchester City defensive midfielder Yaya Toure is excited to be playing in a new league for a new team alongside his older brother. And although Toure will likely miss his treble winning days with the La Liga giants of Barcelona, the midfielder still would not consider his move over to Manchester City as a downgrade.

Toure, one of the highest paid players in the EPL, recently made this statement comparing the two leagues:

I don’t think this is a step down. The Premier League is amazing. It is stronger than La Liga. And Manchester City are making great strides within it. In future they will be a big club. Every team in every country is starting to talk about the club. They know we are signing good, important players and I want to do my bit. I don’t feel pressure. I do have a lot of experience and I am determined to do my very best to make this club successful.

And although many La Liga fans will see the following statement as an attack on his former league, I think that everything Toure said was actually quite accurate. Although Barcelona and Real Madrid are excellent teams, La Liga has become way too top heavy to be considered an equivalent of the EPL and even strong sides like Valencia have recently parted ways with their two best footballers. The EPL offers more competitive teams then the Spanish league and Manchester City is in fact becoming one of these competitive clubs.

Now notice Toure had no negative statements to say about his former club at Barcelona and if anything the defensive midfielder owes the club all the credit for his arrival to the EPL. Barca was the club that truly developed Toure into a star player and they were also nice enough to allow the player to leave on his own terms and to be reunited with his brother in Manchester.

And despite his ridiculous price, Toure is the ideal candidate to have transferred over. He’s a hard worker and he is featured in one of the most underrated positions in the world. Barcelona might not realize it yet, but losing a player of Toure’s ability could result in being the back-breaker of the team in future Champions League tournaments. Because every team needs the defensive glue in the center to hold the team together and for a steep price Toure will provide exactly that for his new EPL side.

     Creative Commons License photo credit: Smabs Sputzer