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Xisco Returns to La liga

In a surprising move a few days before the transfer window closed, Racing de Santander acquired forward Xisco from recently relegated English squad, Newcastle United.  It will not be Xisco’s first experience in Spain’s La Liga, the twenty-three year old striker started his career with Deportivo La Coruna. 

And when I first heard about this transfer news, I must admit I thought of the legendary one hit wonder Sisqo the Dragon.  Sisqo and Xisco have more in common then you might initially think. 

Both men started off their individual careers with massive potential.  Sisqo wrote and sang the huge mega hit “The Thong Song” and Xisco played very well for Spain’s Under 21 National squad and also had a fantastic Segunda League season with Vecindario in which the forward scored 13 goals in 2007.  But money and fame would bury both men. 

Actually I do not know that for sure, but Sisqo has fallen off of the music charts and the face of the Earth for that matter; and Xisco was acquired by Newcastle for a lot of money a year back and only produced one goal for the squad all of last season.  In fact it got so bad for Xisco that he became the clubs sixth or seventh option at striker which was not worth the six or seven million it cost to acquire him in the first place.  

But although last year was rough for Xisco, the forward was rewarded a second chance and is back on the top tier of a familiar league.  Watch for Xisco to aid Racing Santander’s attack.  They need the help after dropping their first match of the season 4-1 at home to Getafe. 

As for the other Sisqo finding work. 

I’m not holding my breath.