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Xavi hails Pep Guardiol as the best Coach in the World

Spanish star Xavi went on to call Pep Guardiola the best coach in the world as the Ballon d’Or candidate  believes that if there was such a award for managers, Pep Guardiola would be the front-runner. Having led Barcelona to multiple silverware, Pep Guardiola is definitely considered one of the best coaches but to Xavi, he considers him the best.

Xavi maybe in the running for a very prestigious award, but the Spanish player also admits that he never dreamed of wining this honor. Although I’m sure he wouldn’t mind taking home the Ballon d’Or, Xavi has accomplished a lot so far in his career as a club player and even an International player.

Xavi went on to say the following on Barcelona’s official club site:

“It’s not one of my objectives winning the Ballon d’Or, said the 30-year-old, according to Barcelona’s. When I was young I dreamed of playing for Barca and winning La Liga and the Champions League and playing for Spain. I never dreamed of winning the Ballon d’or. But I thank my colleagues and the coaches that are saying I’m a potential winner. Guardiola is the best coach in the world. He works hard, he’s a perfectionist and he’s methodological. He doesn’t miss a thing and makes a note of everything happening to the group. I’d vote for him, no doubt about it.”

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