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Would Beckham Ever Go Back To the EPL?

Everton manager David Moyes desires the services of former Three Lions captain David Beckham. The English Premier League manager recently said that all Beckham has to do is pick up the phone and call him or captain Phil Neville and the club would try to strike an off-season loan deal with the LA Galaxy.

Moyes, who knows Beckham from his early days in football at Preston, claims that the often frugal squad would make extra efforts to assure the investment of the former Manchester United star: 

I would hope that if David wanted to come he would pick up the phone and call me. If he wanted to come back to the Premier League, he would only need to phone me or Phil and we would be here for him. He knows how to get hold of Phil and he knows how to get hold of me.

We would have to look into it financially, but if he came and said to me, ‘I would like to come and play,’ I would have to go to the chairman and ask if we could do it, if we think we can make it work by selling enough shirts.

And it’s a nice thought from Moyes and if Beckham does ever desire a move back to the EPL then a squad like Everton would be perfect for the 35 year old considering he wouldn’t see regular minutes with a powerhouse team and would likely not desire a move to an underdog team fighting to avoid the relegation zone. Similar to the reasons why Donovan fits in well at Everton, Beckham would be a welcomed addition to the roster.

But with that being said, I doubt it will ever happen. Beckham played too long with Man U to jump aboard a rival club especially at such a late stage in his career. Also considering the fact that Beckham suffered a serious injury on his last loan with AC Milan and the demanding schedule that the EPL would require, I doubt David Beckham will have too many opportunities to loan himself out again and play successfully in the MLS.

But if Beckham ever does go back to Europe, my bet is on a move back to AC Milan.