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Worried Enrique Bemoans Lack Of Confidence At Roma

Luis Enrique (AS ROMA)As Roma still failed to register their first victory in Serie A as on midweek, the capital side was held into a 1-1 draw by their visitor, Siena, despite playing at Olympico.

Although it’s still in an early part of the season, Roma’s coach, Luis Enrique admitted that he is feeling worried about the current condition as the ex-Barcelona B’s tactician bemoans that his players are lacking of confidence which simply making things much more difficult on the pitch.

Enrique revealed his fear that his players confidence will get lower every time they failed to pick up the victory they’ve been looking for especially after witnessing the team’s latest match against Siena where the Giallorossi actually managed to take the lead but can’t maintain it in the end. Pablo Osvaldo’s goal in the 25th minute of the first period was canceled out by Roberto Vitiello couple of minutes before the match ended, but not only the score line that ignites Roma’s coach concern, as the lack of attacking intention from his team is simply what needs to be fixed.

Moreover, the poor performance from Roma in the second half, despite already taking the lead obviously what gave Enrique a big reason to be concern as apart from the equalizing goal which happened in the last minute, Siena actually have more than enough chances to turn the score around. That kind of situation is what being described by Spaniard tactician as the lack of beliefs that’s haunting his players, causing them to be frightened in every matches, making every matches becomes extremely difficult regardless of the situations.

“I am worried by the entire situation, but above all the lack of self-belief in the players that can only increase as results don’t come. We were frightened and that is normal, because we still haven’t had our first win. This is a situation that has to be improved,” Enrique added. “I think the team did everything we expected, but we don’t risk going for goal. We cannot finish moves with as many players as I’d like.”

Roma can probably be a bit serene especially knowing that they’re not the only big teams that are having problems at the moment as the likes of Ac Milan and Inter Milan are also struggling to find a victory in this early part of the season. Albeit the two Milanese does have different issues that cause their current trouble, still Enrique might be able to use the condition as a motivational support for his men, so the capital club players won’t be suffering from a very low self esteem despite the fact results is still not on their hand.

photo credit: blog-idman-yurdu