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World Cup Previews Begin Next Week

Golden Teamgeist & World Cup
Creative Commons License photo credit: CLF

Starting next week we will begin our World Cup Preview on the LLTO, SATO, and PLTO. 

The series will run just about up to the first matches played in June and throughout the next few months we will feature every squad, rate every roster unit, and even debate where the club will finish at the end of the tournament.  It will be our first in-depth look at the stars that will play in South Africa and the past teams success compared to the nation’s modern day roster.

League football is wonderful, but World Cup football is truly the most beautiful game being played on the biggest stage in front of the entire world.  When it comes to sports nothing surpasses the World Cup.  So follow us each week as we go through the brackets and try to figure out where each team will finish the tournament. 

Mondays we will dedicate as an overview to the squad.  We will look at what they have done in past Cups and compare that to how well they did this WCQ.  Then we will look at their odds of winning the Cup and try and decide if that is an accurate measure of how good or bad each team is.  On Tuesdays we will soley breakdown the rosters and give each respected unit a particular grade for how strong or weak they are.  Finally we will debate whether or not the club has a legitimate shot of taking home the World Cup. 

The time has come football fans.  We are within 100 days of the Cup and before you know it will have passed us by.  

So lets begin the World Cup Preview: