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World Cup Group E (and my “Africa Theory” again…)

Group E at the 2010 World Cup features The Netherlands, Denmark, Cameroon and Japan.

This is the point at which I should just go ahead and say that I don’t trust Asian soccer teams.  I don’t know why, but every time I think they’re going to do something great it never happens.  Maybe it’s just me, but count me in for counting Japan out.

Now, we all pretty much figure that the Oranje are not going to have a hard time here.  You could have put them in any group and they’d probably get out of it (unless it had two African teams in it) so I figure they will safely win the group.

Now, as for Denmark and Cameroon fighting it out for the second spot in this group I’ll illustrate me “Africa Theory” in a different way.

Back in the day (I mean the 80’s) there was a Nintendo World Cup soccer game and it was sooooo cool (yes, I’m that old.)  My friends and I used to play that stupid thing all the time when were weren’t actually outside playing…Soccer.  So, playing this game wasn’t as simple as sitting down, getting a controller and playing.  Nope.

You see, you had to run your tail off to get to the Nintendo first and get the first controller.  Why you ask?  Because that meant you got to pick your team first.  Well, what’s so special about that? 

Cameroon was the team everyone wanted to use because if you used Cameroon on that game you were surely going to win. 

Yeah, you heard it right…little Cameroon. 

So, to back up my “Africa Theory” I also have my “Video Game Theory” which clearly states that Cameroon gets out of this group.  Come on, how can you argue with old school gaming?