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World Cup Fever Getting Stronger

Only 122 days left to the kick-off whistle that will get the first World Cup to take place on the continent of Africa in motion. Hosts South Africa open up their campaign with a tricky match against Mexico on June 11th.

The feeling all around the continent and in my own country Kenya is one of excitement and football fans cannot wait to be a part of this history making event. Every other thing on television is about the tournamentand the media are really doing a great job to hype the event. Franzs Beckenbauer, Roger Milla, Pele and Mexican great Hugo Sancehz are some of the legends who have expressed great excitement at the prospect of African World Cup.

As much as there is great optimism that this World Cup will be will be a good one, there are still skeptics who believe that an African country cannot successfully run a tournament of this magnitude. What i say to these folks is that their opinion really does not matter because¬† Sepp Blater’s backing and his confidence in hosts South Africa is all that is needed to ensure that all who make their way down South have the experience of a lifetime!

Colourful, entertaining, loud, dance and jubilation these are some of the adjectives that these legends used to describe the month long event when interviewed by world governing football body FIFA earlier this month.

One thing is for sure, miss it and miss out. Will you be there?

Photo credit: Coda