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World Cup 2010: Group H Picks

World Cup matchball history1)      Spain

Will Spain reign this summer or feel the pain?  One issue that isn’t much to debate is whether or not the powerhouse squad will be able to survive the first round of the tournament.  Expect the world Cup favorites to collect nine points over their group table and expect no team to score more goals while doing so.  The Spanish side not only possesses several stars of Barcelona and Real Madrid, but also will have several EPL superstars as well including Cesc Fabregas and El Nino himself Fernando Torres. No team has a brighter future then La Furia Roja.

2)      Chile

Chile had an unbelievable WCQ and the squad has proven to be one of the greatest offensive threats in the tournament this summer.  Injuries and a lackluster defense could destroy the dream of a significant Cup run, but the three headed monster on attack is matched by few teams.  Certainly not good enough to steal the group from Spain, but Chile could be a sleeper in the second round if they get a few huge breaks.

3)      Switzerland

Not a terrible squad by any means, but Switzeralnd’s key man and captain Alexander Frei did miss three months of action this season and will likely be a bit rusty heading into the Cup.  Switzerland has the coach to will wins out of their mediocre team, but they certainly are lacking in overall talent.  They surprised everybody last Cup by making it out of the first round, but this time I think luck will not be on their side. 

4)      Honduras

Honduras lacks the big stage experience with their last Cup finals appearance coming in 1982.  Also the team lacks the competitive depth to have a realistic shot of going very far this summer.   They do have some top league talent including Tottenham’s Wilson Palacios, but with their best option at forward being 36 year old Carlos Pavon it will likely mean that the squad is a bit past their prime.  Not a terrible fourth ranked team, but certainly not good enough to scare Chile or Spain either.  

Creative Commons License photo credit: CLF