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Will Zlatan Head Back to Italy?

ibracadabraI find all of these transfer rumors to be very confusing.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic AKA the Swedish Sensation AKA the former King of the Italian League AKA the Man that Bounced to Barcelona AKA I Think You Get the Point is rumored to be considering a move back to Italy this summer and former side Juventus.

The move is especially considered to be a surprise considering that Ibrahimovic was the one that desired to move to Barcelona a year ago from Inter Milan.  In fact when Ibs left the league he made a few disparaging comments about the rough Italian brand of football and labeled many of the teams in the league as “dirty” and he even claimed that Spain played a more beautiful brand of football.

Well it is amazing how much can change in one year.  Many critics are claiming that Ibs had a disappointing season and the move was to be expected.  I’m not really sure what matches these critics were watching because other then in the Champions League semi-final against his former team, Inter, I think the guy has looked absolutely fantastic as a secondary player to Messi.

But maybe this is what makes it a supposed bad year from the Swedish giant.  Playing second fiddle to Messi is hardly a bad year if you ask me and the more these guys get used to playing together the better and better Barca could get down the road.  This season Ibs had 16 goals and 7 assist going into the final match.

Considering he struggled with injuries, had to adapt to a new team and league, and plays with the best goal scorer in the entire league, I’d say that those numbers are fairly good.  If Ibs can play more then 30 matches next year then expect a plus 20 goal season and over 10 assists.  And that is absolutely fantastic stuff for a sidekick to Messi.

But then again the work sidekick might not be the best word to use to describe Zlatan Ibrahimovic.  The man would never be one again if he were to return to Juventus. 

And with Villa being signed I think Barca will likely show the door to the Swedish sensation.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Tin-Tin Azure