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Will the MLS Lose Their Hero?

Ghana 2, United States 1Despite the MLS stance on Donovan being the savior of the league, it is still very much of a possibility that the USA national team star will return to England this season.

Several English Premier League teams have reportedly gained interest in the midfielder since his successful stint with Everton last spring and the biggest name among the bunch is who other then Manchester World or I mean Manchester City who scouted the Galaxy man during each of his World Cup matches.

And it is a interesting story playing out because it appears Donovan would love to be dealt back over the pond to perhaps his former side Everton. The team has apparently invited Donovan back and are interested in a potential full time signing. As I’ve said several times before, Donovan would be much better off at Everton rather then City where regularly starting would be a great accomplishment in itself.

And most likely nothing at all will happen and the Yank will remain with the Los Angeles Galaxy. The biggest catch to signing Donovan is the fact that his transfer value is likely greatly inflated due to his overall importance to the MLS. His value is overpriced because he is the MVP of the league and agreeing to terms with the team will be a great challenge unless Donovan is able to persuade the team to allow him to leave.

But considering Donovan recently reached a new long term contract and his need to be active for the league to thrive, I think Donovan will remain in the MLS fulltime and perhaps will enjoy a few loans over seas when he can manage, 

But most reports are beginning to convince me that a move could possibly be on the way.  In fact some say that it will happen.  We will have to wait and see if there is any truth to any of these reports, but hopefully for the MLS they have a Plan B.