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Will Landon Drink from the Serie A Cup?

The last month has been tough on U.S. national star Landon Donovan.  The midfielder/forward was enjoying a wonderful stretch of football over the last few months alongside Sir Goldenballs, David Beckham, and the duo was able to lead the MLS’ Los Angeles Galaxy into the playoffs with a first seed.  Donovan also was honored as the Most Valuable Player of the league and  he was named the best American player a record amount of times for the decade earlier in the year. 

But things can quickly turn sour.  How quick?  Try one penalty attempt.  Landon pulled the old Roberto Baggio in the MLS Cup final and his penalty attempt sailed well over the cross bar leaving the MVP feeling not so valuable.  And even worse the Galaxy went on to lose the shootout and the star player was forced to shoulder much of the blame.

With a recent divorce and a future in the World Cup in South Africa, I think right now would be a perfect time for Landon to explore the rest of the world’s football.  The midfielder has received interest in the past from clubs (Livorno wanted him for a potential January transfer before the year) and with a nice break coming up the U.S. star would have to be foolish not to attempt the move.

They say the best thing to do when you are down is to occupy yourself.  Well now seems to be the perfect time for Donovan to do exactly that.  And where would be a better place to rediscover oneself then in Italy in the spring. 

Now the only question is if he will ever want to come back.