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Whose the Man?

What makes this La Liga season so special is the fact that many of the best players in all of the world wanted to go to Spain this recent off-season.  With Kaka, Ronaldo, and Benzema joining Real Madrid for record transfer fees, we knew even before a ball was kicked into the net that this season would be different then any previous ones.  Barcelona, arguably the best squad in all of the world would react similar to their rival by the acquisition of Serie A Player of the Year forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

With the strongest clubs adding the best players in the world many fans of the sport would debate what transfers would have the greatest impact on their squad.   Would Ibrahimovic be able to score as many goals as Samuel Eto’o? Could Barca repeat as treble winners?  Would Christiano Ronaldo lead the league in goals?  Will all these new faces learn to play together fast or did Florentino Perez put to many egos in the same room?

Many questions are beginning to get answered as the second week of La Liga wraps up.  Ronaldo and Ibrahimovic have had no trouble calming their nerves and discovering that often illusive La Liga net in their first Spanish season.  Both transfer players have scored two goals and spread out the scores over the two matches played so far.

It will likely be a tight race all season long, but it is a safe bet to claim that one of these two new players will take home the Golden Boot Award at year’s end.  The only other question that remains is which team will hoist the La Liga title at seasons end?