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Whose the Boss?

Siena is swapping managers so quickly this season I am sure it is beginning to get tough to put faces and names together for the reeling squad.  If the organization continues to sack managers at this quickly of a pace then pretty soon the new coaches will have to start wearing name tags just so players can remember who they are.  

Last week the last place club fired their second manager of the season, Marco Boroni.  Boroni took the job over after Marco Giampaolo was sacked in late October, but the new manager only had control of the team for a little bit over a month by the time he was kicked to the curb as well.  The new manager is former Empoli coach (he was canned earlier this year too)  Alberto Malesini.  Malesini takes over a squad that has only won a single match all season.

And there was no report to how long of a deal Malesini signed and why should there be?  Malesini needs to make sure he doesn’t sneeze in his first week on the job or he might be the next one out of town.  I don’t understand why bad teams decide to do these things.  Sure you want to punish your coach for not performing up to the board’s standards, but sacking one manager and replacing him with another one that is foreign to your team can also have an awful backlash. 

Siena is on the third manager and they only have one victory this season.  We will have to wait and see which column ends up with a higher number by season’s end.  But at the rate Siena is sacking coaches I would put my money on the number of managers over the number of wins anyday of the week.