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Who Wins The Champion’s League?

Well, the funny part of this is that I’ve been on both sides of the fence during the Champion’s League and I certainly would not have picked either one of these clubs to be here–but here they are!

Louis Van Gaal and Jose Mourinho are both incredible motivational coaches who have nothing you can say negative about them because they’re here–but we haven’t heard alot from Van Gaal and only snippets from Moruinho.  So, I guess they went into Super Bowl mode where they sequester themselves before the big game.

Now, do I think that’s advisable?  No.  I guess if you’re Mourinho you can do that because you don’t have to deal with Franck Ribery and his underage prostitute allegations and the fact that he’s suspended.  However, if you’re Van Gaal then you need to say something.  I don’t care how much you don’t want to right now–you’ve got to do something!

There’s nothing more demoralizing than having your best player get suspended and THEN have something salacious come out in the press about him at practically the same time.  It’s just horrible all the way around.  Bayern can’t fix it, but they can certainly try.

Meanwhile, Mourinho is sitting in Milan talking about the history and tradition of Inter as if he’s been with the club his whole career and never left–but now that he’s been talking about it so much I’m sure some of the fans think that is actually the case.

So, when it comes right down to it you can’t really pick Bayern unless you think they’re going to go into “berzerk protect the homeland mode” and just wipe out Inter 5-0.

They already had to do that a couple times just to get here–they don’t have it in the tank again.

Sorry Germany—Inter – 3   Bayern – 1