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Who Will Finish In the Top Four in La Liga?

Camp Nou Trophy Room1) Barcelona

The treble winners from the year before were taken down a peg last season despite still winning the La Liga league title. This season I expect better overall results from the champs and with the addition of David Villa they should improve to over 100 total goals offensively. The one area of concern is likely the defensive midfield. With the loss of Yaya Toure to Man City it appears that the club needs to try to strike a deal for disgruntled Liverpool footballer Javier Mascherano.

2) Real Madrid

Real Madrid nearly won the title last season, but faded in the last few weeks. With Jose Mourinho managing Los Blancos many believe that the man will keep his unbelievable winning streak alive. i think they will certainly win a major trophy, but not the league title. The club was not able to land that coveted star they need in defense or up top and with their current cast they are still inferior to Barcelona despite still being one of the five best in the world.

3) Sevilla

A long third place away, Sevilla should hold down the spot for a variety of reasons. First off, year in and year out they put up one of the best defensive efforts of any La Liga squad. Rarely does the club fall beyond the top five defenses in the league. Secondly, they have an excellent top class finisher in Luis Fabiano. The Brazilian will make sure his La Liga side remains relevant this season.

4) Atletico Madrid

Last year was a dismal start for the ninth place club, but this year they are my sleeper pick for the top four. Diego Forlan played like one of the five best in the world this summer and should be a force on the goals scored list like he was in the World Cup. Sergio Aguero has tons of potential and creates one of the best one-two punch combos in the league. The only questionable factors are a shakey defense and the team’s possible desire in selling the two stars for the money later in the season.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Sarah Quinn Armitt