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Who Received Coal In Their Stocking This X-mas?

You have to be really bad to be suspended for the deed that Villareal midfielder Robert Pires was suspended for earlier this season.  It wasn’t for a few too many yellow cards or even a red card for that matter.  Pires was suspended for his choice of negative words that he used with an official following a tough loss early in the season to Xerez 2-1.

During the post-game antics Pires confronted the official following a cautioning towards teammate Llorente who was apparently still heated about the result.  Then Pires said something about the referee’s mother that shouldn’t be repeated for the little kiddies out there.  In fact he said something very bad about the referee’s mother and his word choice cost him a one game suspension.

Of course after the fact Pires claimed that he said nothing of the sort that he was accused of saying.  But I am not surprised he would say such a thing to attempt to protect himself.  I do not know 100% for sure what the former Gunner did or didn’t say, but the phrase he was accused of uttering would be hard to mistake.  Usually when the mother is brought up at sporting events, it is not a nice phrase uttered.  But who knows?

Maybe the ref secretly had it out for Pires and made the whole encounter up.  I would be surprised if that really were the case especially because the ref has nothing really to gain by making such a thing up….

My guess is that Pires likely woke up yesterday and discovered coal in his stocking.