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Who Received Coal in Their Stocking This X-mas?

Not all things that are gold glisten and not all awards are an tremendous honor to receive.  Just ask Ricardo Quaresma this year’s winner of the annual Bidone d’Oro award (“The Golden Bin”).  The award is given to the worst player (both in character and results) of the season in the Italian Serie A by Italian radio station Radio 2.  It is similar to SATO’s own annual award, The Golden Pacifier, but that award is strictly judged by how big of a jackass the player is rather then on-field tactics.  Quaresma is the embarrassed winner of the world and he takes over the title from midfielder Felipe Melo of Juventus.

Well on the bright side, winning the award means that you have been a disappointment this season meaning that you came into the season with great expectations.  Perhaps Quaresma’s biggest problem is the fact that he is teammates with Cristiano Ronaldo on Portugal’s national side.  Playing along side the Real Madrid star surely makes for the young winger/forward to be compared to the goal scoring giant.  But wherever Quaresma has played in recent years he has suffered the same disappointing result.

Originally teammates with Ronaldo at Sporting, the two young Portugal stars have taken very different roads since their departure to large powerhouse squads.  Ronaldo ended up at Manchester United and we are all aware of his great success in the Premier League.  Quaresma was not as lucky as his former teammate and struggled to find a role at Barcelona.  The same can be said for his brief stay at Chelsea, FC Porto, and now Inter.  Worst of all Quaresma has been often considered a problem for coaching staffs and locker rooms wherever he has gone.

Still searching for his first 10 goal season, Quaresma wins the SATO’s award for most likely to wake up with coal in their stocking on X-mas.