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Who is the Worst Team in Serie A?

All summer long we debated who was the best club in all of Serie A.  Well let me tell you.  Deciding who the best team is in the league is much more fun then picking the worst.  It’s also a lot easier picking strong squads like Inter and Juventus rather then the lowly boys. 

Now I must admit that I did not analyze much film when making the decision of the three worst clubs.  Can you blame me.  Watching the worst teams in any league in any sport should be a method of capital punishment.  Even knowing a full squad of players at the bottom of the league table should be considered bad enough.  But choosing the three worst in the beginning of October was a simple task.  Why you ask? 

Because there are only three squads left that do not have a victory yet this season:


The new boys at least have a legitimate reason for not being any good this year after six games.  Their new.  But so far this season Livorno has looked as bad on the top tier as they did two years ago when they were relegated.  With a -7 goal differential and four losses and two draws, Livorno needs a miracle.  Better yet they need Landon Donovan.  Can the lowly team woe the American?


Atalanta has been a big flopping disappointment so far this year.  Usually a middle-of-the-pack squad they too have four losses and two draws heading into last weekend’s match.  The club could end up dropping further back in the league then any other squad with an eleventh place finish last season.  At an -6 goal differential it looks like Atalanta may be finally relegated.  Last time they finished in last was the league scandal year and they were luckily saved from relegation due to the cheating squads.


Catania is the best of the terrible squads which is kind of like being the most talented Baldwin brother.  At only a -4 goal differential the club has not lost as badly as the other two, but with three losses and three draws the club is not exactly doing much better.  Catani finished 15th last year, and 17th the year before, so they are used to this bottom of the table position.