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Who Are MLS’s All-Time Hottest WAGS?

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall… Who’s the waggiest of them all?

Within the culture of world football, a new term has emerged for the players’ beautiful wives and girlfriends, WAGs. These Wives And GirlfriendS of high-profile stars have become so popular they sometimes receive more attention in the press than their significant others.

Now, we have far fewer WAGS when it comes to soccer in America, though we have many prominent ones from other sports. That fact is probably attributable to the fact the average MLS player makes less than your local McDonald’s manager. WAGS like to spend, and MLS salaries do not really help snag some of the hottest ladies around.

So, MLS is not as known for its WAGS as European football, but that does not mean there are no smoking hot ladies accompanying MLS players off the pitch. I have decided to rank the top three WAGS in the history of MLS here at STO for your reading (and especially viewing) pleasure. So, here they are:

#3: American teen pop superstar JoJo dated US soccer prodigy Freddy Adu for a few years before the two split up, but she is still deserving of a place on this list. She’s sold over 12 million records in her brief career and has appeared in Hollywood movies as well. JoJo just turned 18 last month, so I feel less pervy making her the #3 MLS Wag all-time.

#2: Bianca Kajlich is better known in the US as an actress, but she is also the wife of Landon Donovan, star of the LA Galaxy and US MNT. She was blamed by many US soccer fans for Donovan’s early departure from Germany, but can you blame him for wanting to be closer to her? She’s the original MLS WAG, and that’s why she’s #2 here.

#1: Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham deserves the top spot here because she has been Queen of the WAGS for over a decade and was likely the impetus for the coinage of the phrase. Her look doesn’t do it for me personally, but you cannot deny she is a popular lady (her group did sell 55 million records). She’s pretty new to MLS, but she’s still the #1 WAG.

So that’s it folks, my list of MLS’s top 3 WAGS. Apologies to Jimmy Conrad and Brian McBride, who both also have hot homegrown WAGS, and to Ben Olsen, whose wife is cute as a button (if that really is her in the Dick’s ad and not a stand-in). If I omitted any deserving girls, please let me know about it in the comments. A link to a picture of the special lady would be appreciated as well.