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Where Will Ribery End Up?

Enjoying the taste of winning
Creative Commons License photo credit: Abdullah AL-Naser

French national squad leader Franck Ribery should have a cigar. 

Or on second thought an entire hookah session. 

Because right now Ribery just might be the most coveted footballer in all of the world.  And much like recently exited star Italian player, Luca Toni, from Bayern, Ribery wants his future figured out before the start of the 2010 World Cup.  And can you blame the winger?  Right now both parties could make a lot of money off of Ribery landing in La LigaReal Madrid is making it rain down money on debt-riddled teams and Ribery would be the type of talent worthy of several bundles of millions dollar bags which Bayer would love to get their hands on.

And Ribery is the type of guy that many believe can make a team that much better.  Much like Lionel Messi with Barcelona, Ribery can make everyone around him a better player with brilliant ball control, vision, and excellent passing to set up easy goals.  Real Madrid could still use another midfielder to aid Kaka and Ribery just might be the guy worthy of the role.  Here is what Ribery had to say about his eventual departure from Germany this summer: 

It will be quick. We will know before the end of the season. In about two, two and a half months’ time. I would want to know before the World Cup.

Chelsea and Real Madrid are the front runners for Ribery.  But one question that still lingers with some clubs willing to spend the loot is will Ribery be ready?  So far this year Ribery has missed nearly all of Bayern’s matches with toe injuries.  He expects to be ready down the road, but investing in a guy that hardly plays the year before you acquire him isn’t exactly the most assuring news you can receive during his initial season with the new club.