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Where Will Aguero Go?

La_NordSergio Aguero is considered one of the star’s of tomorrow.  But where will the Atletico Madrid striker go to today?

Aguero is the leading scorer for his struggling side and this season has been a year to forget for fans of Atletico Madrid.  The typical top four team has only managed middle of the pack results and when that happens that means that stars start looking for their way to exit the club.  Aguero is a young sensation and the Argentine reserve striker will likely bring his stock up a bit more this summer with a strong World Cup performance. 

But before that happens Aguero will likely have already found his new team and the young forward can make or break a league with his arrival or departure.  The teams hungriest for the striker right now are Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Inter Milan.  Chelsea and Inter Milan remain the favorites to landing the star.

In fact Chelsea reportedly already had a deal worked out earlier this season, but due to the club penalty for signing a transfer from another team the year before the club agreed to remain inactive last transfer window and their penalty has been reduced due to their good behavior.

Chelsea would be a nice fit for Aguero, but I would prefer for the Argentine forward to end up elsewhere at Inter Milan where he would likely be more of a focal point to the team’s success.  Chelsea already having Drogba and Anelka would likely mean that Aguero would be used as a reserve.  Although Inter has a similar dilemma with Diego Milito and Eto’o I think that these guys would be a more realistic place for Aguero to start. 

It will be interesting to see where the young forward ends up, but regardless of where he lands La Liga has lost another critical player and the gap between Barca and Real Madrid and the rest of the league is just about to get a little bit wider.    

Creative Commons License photo credit: batrax