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When Stars Speak Of Their Dream Destinations

Diego Forlan is one of the best strikers not only in La Liga, but in the entire world. This summer Forlan showed off his absurd skills leading Uruguay to a brilliant World Cup knockout run that had many football critics (apparently including Fabio Capello’s secret rankings) rating the South American star as the world’s best player in the tournament.

Forlan would enjoy a similar run last league season with his Atletico Madrid side leading the club to a Europa Cup victory over Fulham in the highly spectated overtime final. Not to mention that Forlan has also won two La Liga Golden Boots and a countless number of other honors and trophies during his current reign in Spain. In short Forlan is one of the world’s most gifted players and he may be currently in the prime of his career.

The one notch that he doesn’t have on his belt is a considerable amount of success in the English Premier League though. The excellent finisher recently admitted that he he was given the chance to go back and play in England he would and the player also suggested that he is not personally attached to any one particular team.   

Forlan made the following statement to Sky Sports News about his interest in playing in England:

If I have the chance to go, I will go. You know, it’s like I always say, when I came here to Europe it’s because I left my home and I left everybody so I’m not attached to a team.

(You look at) the best offer you have and if you have a chance and it is good and it is good for the team and it is good for you, I don’t see it as bad – I see it is good and I will move. Everybody says things – that maybe you don’t want to go back. The time I had in England was great and I enjoyed it and if I had the chance to go back I would be really happy.

And if Forlan returned to England he would play for the top league for the second time. His first stint was considered a disappointing one with Manchester United. The Uruguay footballer only scored 10 league goals in over 60 appearances for the powerhouse squad.