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When Stars Occasionally Stay

The last six months of the rumors of Cesc Fabregas departing Arsenal for Barcelona is troubling because it appears as if all the stars want to play together these days rather than against one another.  Fabregas wants to go to Barca because he grew up in the city, idolized the team as a youngster, and wants to be paired up with all of his old friends from La Furia Roja.

But if Fabregas were to leave Arsenal by force this season, so close after signing a long term deal then the experience could easily be compared to Lebron James who signed with the Miami Heat this off season in a move to create a trio of superstars in he, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. Michael Jordan along with many other superstars have pointed out that back in their day stars didn’t align themselves together and instead fueled their excellent performances on the fact that they were competing against one another. Jordan suggested that when stars pair up they accomplish less as individuals because they relied on a fixed system of all of the other stars playing around them and thus, accomplished less as an athlete.

Of course Jordan played with Scotty Pippen, but I think it is easy to say the same thing is happening in a more team-oriented sport like European football because at the moment it appears as if only one or two teams in each league are compiling any of the top tier talent in the wprld. Fabregas wants to go to Barcelona along with everyone else and their mother. And those that don’t want to go there want to go to Real Madrid, AC Milan, Inter, Chelsea, or Manchester City.

It appears that the days of sticking it out with the franchise that brought you up to speed is a done deal and ove3r with. After all Arsenal didn’t always own Cesc Fabregas either, so that is just the way it is sometimes. Wayne Rooney recently stayed proving that sometimes stars do change their mind and remain loyal to their side despite declining the “grass is always greener” philosophy.

But then again Rooney only stayed because his organization’s front office promised to steal away some stars from other teams. It appears we live in a time of sports monopolies and the number of big owners playing the board game is dwindling every season.  Let’s hope down the road that a few stars decide to blaze their own trail rather then settling for playing as a role player for a super team.