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When It is Time To Party, Ronaldo Will Not Party Hard

Cristiano's other favourite stuff..Cristiano Ronaldo made the news recently and the Spanish league star is expected to be suing Spanish television channel Telcinco soon for defamation of character. 

The man-that-prefers-to-go-shirtless claims that the television station made up “delusional” false reports of partying that was allegedly done at the former Manchester United star’s house until five in the morning the night before El Clasico.  The report continues on to mention that the evening after the 2-0 El Clasico defeat that there was apparently even more partying done as well.  

The Portuguese star made this statement regrading the pending case:

It has come to my attention that in the programme ‘Salva-Me’ on the Spanish television channel Telecinco there were references made to alleged parties held at my house, one on Friday, the eve of the game against Barcelona, which reportedly lasted until five in the morning, and one on Saturday night itself, interspersed with several comments which were intolerably depreciating to my dignity and my professionalism.  I categorically refute such accusations, which are completely false and delusional: there is really not even one iota of truth in them. With a game the next day, it is more than obvious that I spent Friday night resting and, on Saturday night, my spirit was anything but festive.  Considering the gravity of the charges, I have instructed my lawyers to, without any reflection, use all legal means to restore the truth of the matter and ensure that those responsible are punished to the fullest extent legally provided.

Ronaldo has claimed that their is no truth to the report at all and that he will expect to recover his professional dignity that the Spanish television station has attempted to steal through the report.  This isn’t Ronaldo’s first time in the center of a paparazzi partying controversy.  The Portuguese star settled a similar case a year back out of court when a U.S. tabloid wrote a false report claiming that Ronaldo was seen dancing in LA and he apparently threw his crutches away as he continued to party.  This story was fabricated (the crutches thing probably was a little bit of an overkill), but in 2006 a similar story surfaced claiming Ronaldo, Brazilian/Man U star Anderson, and Nani all partied together following a win against Tottenham by hiring four escorts.  None of the men really ever received any real punishment for that rumor as well and usually these things enter the realm of he said, she said and are swept under the rug unless they are proven to the public beyond any reasonable doubt.

And these guys aren’t the only footballers that have been known to party.  In fact most footballers have been accused of having too much before.  Brazilian Ronaldo was accused of this several times over the past decade.  Ronaldinho supposedly partied his way out of Barcelona and he supposedly did the same thing that Ronaldo was accused of doing earlier this year before his match with Inter Milan.  Back at the Confederations Cup, Egypt was linked to such activity as Ronaldo, Nani, and Anderson were.  And several Man U players had been caught before those guys as well and several more great footballers will be caught down the road as well. 

It is too hard to distinguish the truth and fiction anymore with these footballers or athletes in general.  In the modern day such inventions like the camera/video phone make it more easy to be caught, so celebrities should know better.  And I am a see it to believe it person.  So if I see pictures of Ronaldo celebrating his La Liga transfer with Paris Hilton in LA, I think this isn’t a very good thing for Real Madrid.  But then again If I don’t see pictures of Ronaldo drinking with two straws out of a beer helmet sporting a T-shirt that says “El Clasico Beer Drinking Champ” then I think he is safe for now.

Hopefully he is right and completely innocent of all the indecent allegations.  Hopefully a picture never surfaces if that isn’t the case.  

Or else there would be some explaining to do.     

Creative Commons License photo credit: JannahHAIR